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Motorcycle Seat Repairs - Trimming & Upholstery Services

Motorcycle Seat Repairs and Upholstery

We provide upholstery and repairs of motorcycle seats on modern and classic vehicles.

Full Seat Re-upholstery


We work with our suppliers to ensure a good match with original either leather or vinyl seats, or we can also provide a wide range of new leather/vinyl materials to achieve the look you are after.

Non-slip Vinyl Seating


We can replace your motorcycle’s existing materials with non-slip vinyl to increase grip for the rider on the bike.

Retro Motorbike Styling


Improve the look of the bike with more attractive designs or a more retro look, using distressed leather and cream piping.

Embroidery Designs


We are able to add embroidery designs and to add additional design details to your motorcycle.

Gel-pad Seats


We can insert ‘gel-pads’ into your motorcycle seat to improve comfort.

Foam Padding Seats


Where seats have lost their padding or shape we can change the foam padding to provide a more comfortable seat.

Examples of Motorbike Seat Upholstery and Repairs

Getting a Quote for Motorbike Seat Repairs and Upholstery

To obtain a quote for repairing a motorbike seat it’s always best if you can bring your bike into the workshops to show us the work that needs to be done. We can also accept enquiries via email. In this case the more detail you can provide the better, including photos and a description of the work to be done.

Visiting the workshop will also give us an opportunity to discuss materials/colours and ensure we get a good match for the existing materials used. We have a good range of materials suppliers, including O.E. suppliers, which means we can generally ensure a good match.

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