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Classic Car Interior Repairs - Trimming & Upholstery Services

Classic Car Interior Upholstery Repairs and Trimming

We provide a wide range of upholstery and trimming for classic cars, ranging from small repairs to full retrims of seating, carpets and interiors. We work with vehicles that are fully intact or have been completely stripped and rebuilt.

Full Seat Re-upholstery


We can strip and restore the car interior from the bottom-up. Fitting and binding new carpets, installing new panels and door cards, rebuilding seat re-upholstery and head-linings.

Seat Panel Replacements


Where a full replacement is not desired we can source matching materials, unpick existing stitching and replace individual panels.

Roof Hood Replacement


We can repair or replace roof hoods depending upon whether they have experienced damage due to poor weather conditions, storage, or acts of vandalism.

Seat Refurbishment


Where original seats and padding have collapsed we can completely rebuild and re-upholster seats to your requirements.

Re-colouring Leather


Where leather exhibits signs of excessive wear or discolouration we can treat the leather to make it more supple and/or re-colour the leather to match the rest of the interior.

Dashboards & Trims


Where trim exhibits signs of wear we can refill, re-texture and re-colour materials to match the existing interior.

Steering Wheels & Gear Knobs


Steering wheels and gear knobs often exhibit extra wear through use and we are able to provide replacements to match their original condition.

Examples of Classic Car Interior Upholstery Repairs

Getting a Quote for Classic Car Interior Repairs and Re-upholstery

To obtain a quote for repairing or re-upholstering your classic car interior it’s always best if you can bring your vehicle into the workshops to show us the work that needs to be done. We appreciate this is not always possible (depending upon the current state of your vehicle build) and so can also accept enquiries via email. In this case the more detail you can provide the better. We recommend providing a full description of the work to be undertaken including photos showing:

  • The vehicle in its current state
  • Examples of how the vehicle should looks once competed
  • Examples of materials and stitching patterns
  • Any other information that will help us to better understand the work involved

Visiting the workshop will obviously give us an opportunity to gauge the current vehicle condition, discuss materials/colours and ensure we get a good match for the existing materials used. We have a good range of materials suppliers which means we can generally ensure a good match to your needs.

Classic cars inherently involve an element of uncertainty and we endeavor to provide an accurate quote for the works to be completed. In situations where the true extent of repairs will only be understood once elements have been stripped down, and if additional work is required, we will always inform you before any work is undertaken. The cost of additional work will always be discussed with you beforehand and will be quoted at our normal hourly rates.

In circumstances where the work required deviates from our original quotation we will always invite you to visit our workshop to see things for yourself. We will then give you the opportunity to take items away for repair (i.e. welding) or can organize the works to be done on your behalf by our in-house team.

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