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Commercial Vehicle Interior Repairs - Trimming & Upholstery Services

Commercial Vehicle Interior and Upholstery Repairs

Due to the heavy use experienced by commercial vehicles (vans, lorries and plant equipment) we are often asked to perform repairs to seating and upholstery, especially where vehicles are purchased on a lease-basis and need to be returned in an acceptable standard at the end of the lease-hire period. We also work with lease-hire companies ensuring the vehicles are returned to an acceptable standard ready for resale.

We are able to provide repairs to a range of commercial vehicles including:

  • Vans and lorries
  • Tractor seats
  • Plant hire equipment (forklift trucks, bulldozers, cranes etc)

Seat Panel Replacements


Commercial vehicles often experience higher levels of wear to seat sides due to increased usage by drivers entering the vehicle and/or from occupants sliding across the seats.

Smart Repairs


Using heat-bonded fibre techniques we can make cosmetic repairs to holes without needing to replace the whole seat or panels.

Dashboards & Trims


Where trim exhibits signs of wear we can refill, re-texture and re-colour materials to match the existing interior.

Seat Padding Repairs


Where seats have lost their padding or shape we can repair frames and padding to provide a more comfortable seat and return the seat to its original condition.

Examples of Commercial Vehicles Interior and Upholstery Repairs

Getting a Quote for Commercial Vehicle Interior Repairs

To obtain a quote for repairing upholstery in commercial vehicles it’s always best if you can bring your vehicle into the workshops to show us the work that needs to be done. This gives us an opportunity to assess the level of work required and match materials.

If necessary we can also accept photos via email with a full description of the work you wish to be conducted.

We also invite companies to contact us on a contract basis where we can deal with your re-upholstery needs on an on-going basis.

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