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Porsche 356 Classic Car Interior Restoration

This Porsche 356 Classic Car originally had a bare interior with no carpet, seats or roof. After the owner visited TFI Motor Trimmers, they left with a fully restored body, mechanics and interior.

The Spec

Original looks and materials are important on this kind of rebuild; with the box weave carpet, leather and mohair being the choice of materials for the restoration.

The Process

We tailor cut the carpets to fit the floor, making sure to bind all the edges. We then rebuilt the seat foams and added a leather pattern to the panels. Once that was complete we cut and stitched the covers and then fitted them to the seats. Lastly we fit a headliner and hood to the frame on the vehicle.

The Result

We were left with a stunning classic car, with an original looking trim to match the overall look, completed to a high standard of finish.

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